Darshna Kamani, Communications Director, EMEA, Barracuda

“The German Touchdown team is a valuable pillar within Barracuda’s international PR organisation. The team is a great strategic partner and I appreciate the quality of the content, the commitment and the constant push for even better results. Most importantly I know I can turn to them and be offered sound, knowledgeable advice which is invaluable. I always get what I need from the team and can hardly think of anything it could improve – keep going!”


Philippa Cheer, EMEA Sales Operations & Marketing Manager, Opengear

“It’s always a pleasure to be working with the Web&Tech team. They just understand what’s happening in the data center. They took all the necessary steps to position us in the right way and introduce our company to the right audiences and thus got us great coverage quickly. This is an IT PR agency that knows exactly what it is doing and that I can strongly recommend.”