Mike Finckh, CEO, Concept International and Modinice

“Web&Tech PR supports us heavily in media relations and the creation of marketing content. Over many years we have developed a strong bond of trust. We share a great story of how we have grown together quickly. You just can’t ignore how much we profit from the great editorial contacts of Freddy and his team.”

Timm Friedrichs, PR Manager DACH, Bitdefender

“In over ten years in which I professionally deal with IT PR I can think of no other collaboration that remains as positive and sustainable in my memory as the one with Freddy. He has got the know-how and the eagerness to put complex issues in easy and pointed words. He never forgets to focus on what is relevant for the media. He has such a strong social sense that internal company processes and cultures are an open book to him. So he recognizes the needs of marketing, sales and management early on and addresses them in a fruitful way. He has what I call the perfect PR instinct: He knows a story before it starts to be one and a PR request before anybody has actually asked. In short: Freddy is the fulfillment of the promises other agencies give you.”

Wieland Alge, Co-Founder and Partner, MAD Ventures

“Only few people effortlessly master the three dimensions of communications, the How, the What and the For Whom. Excellent methodology: Freddy provides a level of professionality and attention to detail that I admire. Content written with aplomb: It is almost frightening, how much better Freddy knows my thoughts and can put them into words than I can. Predictive positioning: There are no surprises. Usually Freddy has every trend and news topics on the radar, before the rest of the market sees them. Hence I left it to him to write this reference.”

André Bittruf, CEO, Baghus

“Web&Tech PR is very knowledgeable in all the IT infrastructure topics which are important to us. And they know the IT market like the back of their hand. The team has a real feel for our target groups, always fresh ideas for creating great articles and content and it shows an impressive commitment. What I like on top of this is the very individual service and personal contact. “

Ian Snead, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Thru.

“I have worked with many PR agencies and noticed a pattern: The agencies come in with a great sales pitch and the coolest stories about what they’ve done for other clients. Then, after starting the cooperation, nothing much happens. The onus is always back on the client: We can’t deliver results, because you don’t deliver input. With Web&Tech PR it’s the opposite: They promise nothing, talk straight, add value with everything they do and deliver PR results leveraging their own market knowledge and their journalist contacts. And, most importantly: our data shows a clear ROI in website traffic, leads and conversions.”