Web&Tech PR was founded in 2012 by Freddy Staudt. Before that Freddy had worked for a decade in one of the largest international PR tech agencies and one of the most renowned DACH PR tech agencies. He had successfully served brands like AMD, Boeing, Citrix, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Yahoo, as well as dozens of other international and local players. Several times he has built up PR for companies from the scratch.

He learned that “what led to constantly amazing PR results was just a small number of elements”. In a nutshell: a thorough market understanding, a focus on the right target groups, a pointed positioning and a crystal clear messaging. “Professionally written content based on these elements will reliably get the awareness that companies seek.”

With Web&Tech PR he turned this PR formula into a business model: “The idea was to create a PR agency with a unique sector expertise and exceptional writing skills, which would at the same time address the information needs of readers, the quality needs of journalists and the communication needs of companies.”

Word-of-mouth and co-operations, as well as the collaboration with senior IT PR consultants, led to a quick business development.

Today, with eight employees and several longstanding freelance team members, Web&Tech PR is an established PR agency for IT, telco and ecommerce, serving over 20 clients and always ready to take on the next challenge.

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